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This DIY home security system has all the functions of a high end alarming monitoring system security key fobwithout the monthly fees. This DIY home security system activates the siren then dials your phone or sends a text message in case of intrusion. With the remote monitoring you can call Glass break sensorthe system at any time and check the status, remotely arm, or disarm the alarm and use the intercom function. This allows youCove Alarm Panel to protect your home and your belongings Motion Activated Cameraeasily with a simple phone call. The Dual network will Alarm Panelallow you to connect the unit to both your landline and GSM simcard in the event that one fails, pandothis provides back up security. The landline protection allows you to be protected if your landline is cut by an intruder with a Lunasiren that automatically sounds.

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Smart ceiling fans keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by working with your thermostat.

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Likewise, the new SiX Series line of wsmart smoke detectorireless devices are easy to install, easy to maintain window alarmsand provide a higher level of security.

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Works with Alexa voice commands, IFTTT, and Z Wave devices.